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Brics Young Scientists And Entrepreneurs Meet In Rostov-on-don

A BRICS International Forum of Young Scientists and Entrepreneurs, entitled BRICS Cooperation for Sustainable Development, was held on 24-26 September 2015 at the Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don.

Welcoming the participants on behalf of the regional head and government, Rostov Region Deputy Economic Development Minister Vladislav Yesin noted that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are faced with a large number of essential tasks the fulfillment of which is of long-term strategic importance.

“The forum’s primary goal is to encourage the establishment of new scientific and business contacts and expand mutual understanding among young people in the BRICS countries,” he said.

Southern Federal University Rector Marina Borovskaya said 80 scientists from Brazil, India, China and South Africa and about 180 representatives from leading Russian universities participated in the conference.

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“We hope that we’ll be able to bring young scientists in the BRICS countries together for joint scientific and research projects,” she said.

During the forum, the young scientists and entrepreneurs addressed the cooperation and regional development of the BRICS countries, modern technology, cultural dialogue and tourism, and other topics.

Participants of the international conference consider it to be a new efficient forum for developing a dialogue between young researchers from different countries and belonging to different scientific schools and directions and coexisting in a global scientific sphere.

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As a result of a panel and workshops participants believe it is relevant to address to the community of young researchers, to the youth of BRICS countries and the whole world community:

  1. Participants point out that social and economic development is a global issue. Key problems of the world and science development are reindustrialization, social and economic differentiation, economic security, financial globalization crisis, organized criminal activity and corruption, terrorism and local military conflicts, food crisis, e-commerce collaboration. Research on international relations between BRICS countries appears to be extremely important and implies building joint technological alliances, international scientific and technological consortiums, facilitating activities and economic collaboration, as well as enhancing the role of small and medium businesses, transformational banking, and student loans accessibility.
  2. In terms of research development and public governance a special emphasis should be paid to social and economic issues such as social and economic inequality, building and improving social mobility, and developing social security and health care institutions.
  3. In terms of finances there is a need to upgrade national finance system considering financial globalization, to organize integration processes regarding national monetary systems, and to facilitate mutual payments between BRICS countries using national currencies.
  4. It’s sensible to maintain research into positive business-models of XXI century, efficient integration of regional players into the world economics, and public-private partnership.

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Young researchers should focus on studying relevant scientific issues: producing and promoting nanotechnologies, improving energy efficiency performance, promoting information and communication technologies, biotechnologies, “green economics”, as well as a study of medicine, health care, and civilization analysis.

The study of modern world cultures, literature, and languages aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and effective cooperation between nations is also relevant.

  1. In terms of education there is a need in humanization and modernization which is able to provide equal quality lifelong education for everyone.
  2. When dealing with cooperation of BRICS countries it is important to apply such a tool as civilized tourism. Thus the case demands creating a data base that accumulates knowledge of tourism and recreation engineering as well as tour operators and travel agencies experience.

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